Jul 22, 2013

The remediation and restoration process is complete! LOTS of pictures.

Well, nearly two months after we began this hell, um, I mean, renovation, we have finally moved back into the house, and are fully functioning.  With a tick.  And nightmares.  And for those of you who missed the set up to this perfect storm, let me recap for you.

First week of summer break we had our flooring pulled up from the entire downstairs in order to concrete stain it.  Mold was found, and that stopped all progress on floor.  Mold source was found, but a the cost of a portion of wall and a week of remediation and treatment to the affected area. Basically, we were a science experiment for a week.  Mold, dead rodents and feces, OH MY!  If my walls could talk....  So, instead of just getting a new floor, we had to get new walls, new paint, and then a bevy of extras, just because.  Let me just say that we have as close to a movie theater experience as one can have, without even having basic television service into our home.  Netflix- here we come!  My air ducts were cleaned, we had french doors installed since the sliding door in the back didn't work, had a wall extended slightly, and a new configuration to our furniture to accommodate the new additions.  Mostly, we have room for the migits to do gymnastics again, and access to the bar in the garage, and that is all that really matters ;o)  Actually, Brody was most affected, and he kept Geoff and I up for hours last night, as he was wanting to play now that he was not looked in a room, at Grandma's or contained to play in a small place anymore.  We have at least ten feet of run distance again down the hall way or in the living room.  (The house is under 1,400 sq. ft.- it's not like he had a freakin' mile run or anything before.)

During this period of time we had lots going on, and somehow, we managed to do it all.

One little girl lost her first and second tooth (on different occasions).
Went to tennis camp, gymnastics camp, acting camp, tennis camp again, and then the entire month of July has been two hours of gymnastics training Monday through Thursday.  (He can now do a back handspring and a back hip circle, and working on front walkovers and tucks at home.)
Went to a local park for a free concert.
Spent a week volunteering with the newest radKids.
Swam and had numerous swim play dates.  (Couldn't entertain here at all due to the circumstances.  That was super hard for all of us.  We love to share time with our friends, at least a few times a month.)

Shay was leaving notes for the "Tiny Tooth Fairy" at the Tooth Fairy door.   The Tooth Fairy was impressed that with all that was going on, she still remembered to write back.  And prepare a dollar bill by spraying it was glitter hair spray.  That was the  night we had to leave the house in the middle of the night.  I found the money that was left, and brought it to Grandma's.  I swear, I wonder if my migits will ever know how few braincells I had for important things, and still remembered to keep this stuff up.  Yes, even Shout, our elf, has been corresponding back with Shay.  He is a devoted little elf.   
These were the local ServPro guys.  I loved having them around.  They had a fantastic sense of humor.  But seriously,  what they had to do?  You couldn't pay me enough to do what they did.  

Here are the pictures, not in any particular order. Enjoy!
Found this vanity as an open box clearance.  The mirror comes compliments of Geoff's mother.  She heard of one of the many stupid mistakes that were made along the way, and offered to cover the cost of a new mirror.  I had already told Geoff how much I was willing to spend on a mirror, and luckily, she allowed wiggle room if my budget was unrealistic.  I was a dollar over.  (I said we could find a mirror for no more than $20.  It was $20.98 I think.)  This bathroom has become one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.  It is so my colors and simplicity, and yet, so classy.  
The migits got to try their hand at painting with me.  I let them strip down to  undergarments and we all painted.  I let them edge, and roll, and both did great!  They loved getting to be a part of the process.  Shay thinks she did a fantastic job.   Ask her about painting the half bath.  She will have you believing that I was the one helping her ;o)
This dispenser is a hands free soap dispenser that Lysol brand sells.  I researched online prior to the purchase- yes, it can be refilled.  Go to Youtube.com and see for yourself.  I can not dilute it as I do to make my foaming soaps, but I think it generally gets less usage, and for a guest bath, would be nice to have the hands-free option.  (I really just love blue and brown together.)
This is the hand sanitizer bottle that I covered with the same contact paper I bought today to line my cabinets and that bathroom vanity with.  I think it looks nice.   
Lined the vanity.  
Put the rug back in- I think the few boxes of baking soda that I sprinkled and then vacuumed a day later have helped the smell that was contracted by being rolled up in the garage and then rained on while in the renovation process. Each time we do something different, we wonder if "Lady Liberty" will remain in our home. Yep, she stays!  (Otherwise, she will be forced to live in the garage.  I will never get rid of her.  She is family now!  As gaudy as they come, and as out of place as ever, I love her.  So thankful that I got "stuck" with her.)   
The stained concrete without the rug in the living room area. That table is out in the garage too.    
Entry from the garage into the kitchen area.  The color looks different there, but it is the same color as in the rest of the downstairs.  My friend's husband has his own concrete staining business, and did an amazing job.  Mucho gracious to Hannah's daddy!  
freshly stained concrete

I found the spray paint and painted all the outlet covers as well as some doorknobs.  LOVE!  

It was a cluster fuck for my OCD much of the past 45 days.   I wish I could have just handled it better.  Or, I wish it  didn't take up my entire summer break.  (We get two weeks before school starts without any more home renovations.  Robbed of normalcy.  Sleepless nights.  Nightmare filled nights.  Oy.  It sucked scissors.)  
Due to the conditions downstairs, we spent many a meal at Shay's desk.  (I am the mom that doesn't allow even water upstairs, and here we are, full meals!  I treated them with juice and prepackaged foods some days.  I swear they are too easy to excite.)  
LOVE the look!

Nice, right?
This was how it looked, much of he time.

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