Jul 26, 2013

The blog in which it's back to Friday Family Fun Night!

Ice cream in a bag

Shay loves to help make dinner.  This is home made Bagel Bites.  

Bagel Bites, carrot stick and sliced apple.  You might notice the paper plates.   I need a break.  Been a busy day.  
It's back to our adventures again!  Friday Family Fun Night is back in full swing now that we are settled into our newly renovated home.  We are doing a free code Redbox movie, Smurfs, and as usual, I am here, but really not into the movie.  Luckily, I have a recipe to share you with you guys.  Geoff is watching on the floor beside the furry child, and the migits are snuggled together under a cover on the love seat.  So, we returned to our roots on this one.  First, we made our own pizzas.  Bagel Bites with mini bagels, spaghetti sauce, and deli cheese.  Bake at 425 for about 15 minutes.  Then, after dinner, we made ice cream in a bag.

Ice cream in a bag has lots of options, and really, wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.  I went with a recipe I found that was slightly healthier than other options.  (I used a mixture of 2% milk and a little half and half, thinking I would cut some of the fat from the recipe.)  The recipe was okay, but we had to add crushed Oreo's, sprinkles, and finally, chocolate syrup to it once it finally melted enough and the migits asked if I could put the melted concoction into a cup so that they could drink it.  First- the whole thing, including the prep, takes about 15 minutes to make.  I mixed up a large batch in a pitcher, then poured out about half a cup of the liquid into the baggies.
I added a third bag.  First, the sandwich size baggie that holds your  liquid.  Then, a slide lock baggie to to keep the rock salt and ice off the liquid baggie, then the gallon size bag to hold the ice and rock salt.  Shake for about ten minutes.  Will turn into a soft serve consistency, and then, you open and add any toppings, and eat!
I have been busy today, and not sure how, but I missed out on most of the pictures in this project.  
We chose to wear gloves and put the whole bag into a towel.  Darn it was cold!  (Yes, Geoff and I did a lot of turn taking with the shaking.)

We used a recipe that was lower in fat, and tasted more like an ice milk type of a treat.  I actually found another recipe that had less ingredients, and had more fat.  I will try it next time.  Here is the recipe we tried.

Ice cream in a bag- 

3 cups milk
1 cup half and half
5 Tbs. sugar
2 tsp. vanilla

Mix together, then pour about half a cup into each sandwich bag.  Then, insert that bag into the quart size bag and seal.  Then, place those bags into the gallon sized bag, add lots of ice and rock salt.  Shake for about ten minutes.  Enjoy!  

We played in the rain at the pool and then again when we got home.  We jumped on the trampoline for hours, played with friends at the pool, and did some baking.  Trying to enjoy a stolen summer.  I think we nailed it today ;o)  
Shay choose this hairstyle and picture as her audition headshot for the play.  (I made it black and white and printed it.)     I am excited to have her  so excited to try something new.  She is also excited to begin acting class next month.  Chaz has his gymnastics, and maybe Shay will find her niche'.  Tisha Gotte at the Cherokee Arts Center lit her fire for acting this summer in a way that has lasted, weeks after camp.  After each play we have attended, she has told us that she wants to do that one day.  (act)  With classes created for her age and level, at a very affordable rate here in Canton, we will see where this takes us.  Luckily, our entire family shares a love of theater, and whether she is assigned a roll in the upcoming play or not, she will be given a life learning experience that will build character and confidence.  
I just added his video.. doubt you can see it.  I am adding it as a test.  Thanks for playing along.  It is a video of Chaz working on connecting a couple of skills on the floor.  He has grown leaps and bounds in the past 10 months of gymnastics classes.  We are beyond blessed that he has found a passion, a place that works incredibly well with him, and boosts his confidence in ways that I could not provide.  The staff at Head Over Heels in Canton, GA is unlike anything I could have dreamed for our family.  They love my Charlie, and they treat him so well.  
Of course, blurry, and not a whole picture, but I was working on a head shot this afternoon.  No such luck.  Got one, but didn't love it.  One day, I'll figure out how to get the kids pictures without blinding them with the flash ;o)

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