Jul 27, 2013

The blog in which it is Super Saturday again! (dates for both migits)

Six, going on sixteen.  She was ready to go on another "Daddy/Daughter" date, and when she learned that Charlie was having a play date come for lunch and the afternoon, she then began the questions.  "Is his friend allergic to anything? Do we have food he would like?  Maybe his mom will pack a lunch.  What will they do?  Is his friend allowed to jump on the trampoline if his mom isn't here?  Do you think his friend will understand Charlie?  Are you (meaning me) going to be with them the whole time?  Will they close their door?  Will they be allowed to get undressed to play dress up?"  I swear, the list was endless.  As if I can't do this without her.  
This was picture and pose was by her request.  

Doggie photo bomb!  Love that pup.  
My fav.  
She is always ready to laugh.  Such a joyful spirit.  

Trying to do head shots the night before.  This girl makes me laugh.  She has no idea how beautiful she is.    Humble heart that loves to be happy.   
Play date is going really well.  Chaz says to his friend, "You having fun?"  Friend says, "Yea, you?"  Charlie- "Yes.  Good spare!"  They were playing Wii bowling.  Too cool.  I wonder if Shay is okay with second graders playing Wii Sports on a play date.  I'll have to check with her when she gets back home ;o)  

So, it was down time for me, and I baked some banana bread, and made this blog.  This "Super Saturday" is making me happy.  Enjoy your day!

PS  The "Daddy/Daughter" date was to the mall to have one of her American Girl doll's ears pierced, lunch, ride the merry-go-round at the mall,  and then to the Cheesecake Factory to share a dessert before leaving the mall area.  Shay had this date planned two months ago!  She has a better dating life than I do!  Anyway, my aunt called this afternoon, and it wasn't until I let the words out of my mouth that I realized how ridiculous it sounded.  "Yeah, Shay is on a date with Geoff to get her doll's ears pierced."   Currently re-evaluating my own life based on that last sentence.

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