Jul 4, 2013

The blog in which I had an artistic moment.

My moments are basically hanging in between stressed and more stressed, to the occasional nightmare-filled sleep.  I am not one to be out of control, and this past month has been nothing if not out of my control.  It appears that we have another week or two of downstairs renovations before we can bring in furniture again. So, I had this moment of artistic ability and it fit perfectly into my cleaning routine today.  I bleach washed linens, shower curtains and liners today, so when I went to put them back up, here's what I did for the migit's bathroom.  

The inside liner is held by a clear, plastic liner holder.  The outside curtain is held onto the bar by alternating ribbon.  It is subtle, and yet, makes a huge difference in the bathroom.
The migit's bathroom is a tiny box.  Less is more in this sort of home.  Basically, a "throne," "dental station," and a tub that is more beach shower size than actual tub area.  

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