Jun 9, 2013

The blog in which I cook while I am gone.

Not sure what it is called, but it is a dish that has all the necessary ingredients for a dish that I would make.  Uncle Ray, noticing the use of sour cream and a "cream of" soup, recognizes that in order for it to be in my repertoire, it must contain at least one of the standard bases- a "cream of" soup, sour cream, or cream cheese.  I am fairly confident that I am not Baptist, and Uncle Ray is not any more related to me than a chipmunk, however, that is irrelevant to me sharing my newest creation.  I will do this without having tried it, since it has everything we like it, and I am not being paid for my opinion, therefore, prepare at your own risk.

We have eaten this mixture before, however, this time, I am adding bacon.  As if it wasn't good enough, I think the bacon will throw this meal out of the park.  Here goes!

Crock Pot
1. Add 4-6 chicken breasts (I did not brown it to seal it, however, you can.  We found that it turned into like a pulled chicken when we made it last time like this.)
2. Place bacon strips on top (or wrap the chicken with it) We wrapped.  As if that would save on calories and fat.  It was an attempt.  Don't judge.  Or don't use bacon.  We have enjoyed it without.
3. Pour one bag of stuffing mix on top.
4. Mix a small can of "cream of" and sour cream and spoon on top of the dry stuffing.

Let's pretend you didn't need to see the chicken breasts I placed in the bottom of the slow cooker stone.  
Pour the crumbs on top.
Mix the soup and the sour cream (Don't use the whole sour cream container.) Spoon mixture on top of the stuffing.  
Cover and place in fridge or into the slow cooker.    Let's not notice the  disarray of the refrigerator.  Essentially, my parents stock their fridge for us, and I also stock their fridge for us.  Would be nice if they had a second fridge, but they don't, therefore, there is a hot mess happening there.  Yes, that cake is sideways in there.  

At this point, I put it in the refrigerator and my mom will place into the slow cooker while I am away tomorrow afternoon.  It will take either four hours on high, or six hours on low.  We are beginning the restoration process in our home, and I need to be there in order to let the workers in.  We will get home to a nice meal after we watch men in hazmat suits tear down part of our wall.  I am secretly praying for a total loss on the house.  If that happens, I will take the money and build myself a basement to spend the rest of my days in.  I would like to just start digging a hole in the hill that is behind my house.  I can't seem to find anyone that will assist in that process.  In the mean time, I will have a salad and some stuffing chicken to serve my family as I seek refuge in a home that is not mold infested.  Plus, my mom is here.  Where there's mom, there's fun.  I always want that ;o)

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