Aug 1, 2013

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Had to bring a head shot.  I took this one and made it B&W at the last minute.  Better than the one she chose a few days ago.  

We brought a very bright, beautiful, sweet friend to the audition.  She is full of  spunk, and honestly, I would be happy to see her in the play.  She is really a spit fire, and I know one day, you will all know this little chick.  

Good one for the memory book ;o)
First audition, August 1, 2013
Those crazy days...  You know the ones- before Christmas, before the end of school, any holiday, any birthday, before a major game, tournament, recital, and any day ending in "day" during the calendar year.  Well, before school is no different.  Days just become busier when you have kids.  That is all I can figure.  However, this summer has been a crazy one, and learning to juggle getting back into the swing of life was hard enough, but now to acclimate to back to school and all the things that come with it, and honestly, I am impressed that I am not in an AA meeting.  If I were, I wouldn't tell you about it- it's anonymous.  I mean, really now.

So, I guess I was so overly excited that first we actually got the teacher that we requested for one child, and the other child got exactly who we would have requested if we could have.  I simply prayed that G-d would align His will with mine and then... Oh wait.  That is so NOT how that is supposed to go.  :o)  Actually, I just knew that He would place the exact right teacher for my son in our class this school year, as he has each year before it.  And viola'!  Guess what?  We have her.  The teacher that needs to be back in our world, third year running for our family.  If she is a tortured soul, she will be requested for next year when my daughter gets into second grade ;o)  If she wasn't on meds prior to having us the past two years, she will be after we finish up with her.  Bless her heart.  I will make sure she is fast-tracked to sainthood for having to deal with me, and for being loving and nurturing to my migits so perfectly.

However, after all that, I forgot to grab the stack of papers I offered to grab and take home to sort for the PTA.  OOPS.  I suppose my daily excitement quota was full to capacity.  I ran from our "Meet the Teacher" deal, to home, to Shay's first play audition.  That is really the reason for the post.  I am one of those moms that wants more than anything for my children to have life experiences that they can build upon.  This audition process was incredibly simple, however, I see it as a major skill to develop.  I allowed Shay to take her time and to chose the easy road on this one, however, I am proud that I didn't overstep and demand more of her.

First, Shay requested to be in a play.  I explained the process, and she was eager to go through the audition process.  We were told that preparing something for the audition was completely optional.  I suggested many simple yet engaging ideas, and she shot each one down.  After seeing what the other girls did, I was grateful that she saw them audition, and the process, as a whole.  This process is no different from interviewing for a job, and the type A personality in her needs to loosen up, gain some confidence, and recognize that she is not perfect.  I love that she has an interest in the theater, and while this first audition was a wonderfully stress-free experience for her to see what it was all about, I hope that she took just a small piece of this experience and grows from it.  I am proud of the little girl she is, and try to remind myself all the time that no matter how mature she acts, she is only six years old, and needs to learn at her own pace.  I only need to remember that and I am certain that she will be guided by His spirit and love, and I need only to keep her on the path.

The best life lessons aren't always successes, and that is what I will keep as my motto when teaching my migits about life.  ("SOME" people know I don't have a motto, but I will adopt this one since it made me seem all fancy pants smart.)

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