Aug 21, 2013

The blog in which I modded our elf!

After two years of struggling with the decision, I finally did it.  (Actually, it's not too much of a stretch for me to find ANYTHING else to occupy my time and skip an early morning gym workout.)  For years, I have worked really hard to be creative with "Shout!," our elf.  Last year, I decided it was the last year that I would allow him to be flaccid.  And so, let us begin the pictorial of the simple mod procedure that I performed on our plush pal.

The only reason the rosaries are there is because I had to dig through my arts and crafts supplies for the metal and the wire cutters/plyers.  I used to make and give out rosaries.  I had intended to add magnets to the hands and or feet, but decided that I will do that exteriorly, if needed.  I have velcro ready, as well, if an idea inspires me.  Velcro and magnets both have a sticky back, therefore, it can be attached to hands and/or feet for one time use.  (Think praying, attaching to metal doors "Spiderman" style, holding a piece of paper between magnet hands, etc.)   
I ended up finding this in that same bag, and using this instead.  I swear, over the years, I have accumulated the oddest arts and crafts supplies.  This was a very soft and malleable metal.  My thought is- the migits and I will only have a few more years of working with him, therefore, even if it breaks after a lot of use, chances are, it will be after years of use.  I did double it and twist it, in order to hopefully create durability.  Here's hoping! 
Using wire cutters, I bent the ends .  I used a seam ripper to create a small opening to slip the "bone" into place.  On the legs, I only did the bottom half.  Couldn't see a reason to do the top half.  On the arms, the entire length of the arm got a bone.  Wish I could have done the hands as well, but that is a separate piece, and not large enough.  I was looking for more of a "wrist" action movement.  Oh well. 
The insides of the extremities are cardboard.  The opening doesn't have to be big.  Just near the end of the appendage.  (That way you can slip the end in without having to bend it much.) 
Twisting the ends so that they were not sharp or pointing.  I folded them down, making rounded ends.  
Feeding the "bone" into his arm. 
Legs.  Now you can bend the bottom of the leg up at a 90 degree angle, and create a little elf foot.  
Elf foot.  
Walk like an Elf-gyptian. 
Bonus!  Freebie! I made this a few weeks ago...
Elf swing!  We love swings at our house ;o)  Wink.  

Can't wait for Septemeber 23rd!  (That is the Chaz's 8th birthday.  Our elf brings a little gift for birthdays.  He ends up coming and staying for the season each November 23rd.  That is Shay's birthday.)  This year, he got them each a little book he found at Goodwill.  Shay is getting a new condition Precious Moments Catholic version Bible.  Chaz is getting a hard cover, childrens' book of various stories from the bible.  After all, if it weren't for our faith, we wouldn't be celebrating the birth of our Lord, and we wouldn't need elves to keep us on our toes. 
Nothing fancy.  Just a little token gift.  (Each book was under $2.)  My almost seven and eight year old will love it!  Our elf might not be here all year, but my children write letters back and forth year round.  Sometimes, the elf writes back, or on occasion, he writes with dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror.  A few weeks ago, he left a note for the first day of school!
Mirror love letters <3

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