Aug 10, 2013

The blog in which it's Duck for a Buck- but NOT.

The new school year for our county began this past Monday.  And what do we PTA volunteers do on Fridays?  YES!  We sell DUCKS (Duck for a Buck)!  Except instead of ducks, the PTA has decided that porcupines would be the latest and greatest craze. And what did the kidlets think?  Right, well, that bombed rather quickly.  So, here is what we are selling for a dollar, in hopes of raising some money to improve our schools' playgrounds.  Let me introduce to you "Porcupines for Playgrounds."
There were two of us at the table.  I named us the "Porcupine Professionals."  Last year, we were the "Duck Masters."  When asked for my location at the school, you can clearly see, I was digging my heels in a little with the change of pieces of plastic that I was selling.  
The migits---- not a fan.  We have over 1200 students at our school.  I think I could have found enough change in my sofa to purchase more porcupines than were actually purchased yesterday morning.  Let's take a closer look at the problem.  
This is the front of the frog/porcupine.  First, it's confusing.  Second, it has half a mustache.  When did frogs get mustaches?  I think there is a time and a place for this 'stache craze--- this is neither.  However, this is not the worst of it.  Yes, let's take a closer look, shall we?

Freakin' A!  What the heck is that?  Like, is that really the back side of this freakish thing?  Never mind.  Moving on. 
Aliens have made a comeback, haven't they? 
Shay was excited that the aliens all had little high heels.  Shocker, but not one sold.  I know.  Crazy, right?  Which was interesting, since one well meaning teacher walked over to see the newest items and tried to say something nice, like, "Oh, well, at least they stand up, right?"  Uh.  Negative.  They don't even stand on their own.  
The monkey seemed sassy to me with is hand on his hip there.  I don't know why, but yet again, another story of a basket of monkeys that never saw any action.  
One is a fish.  The other- a flamingo.  I know.  One just looks like a screw up of the other.  As if the  machine messed up, and the employee was all, "Let's just paint the eyes on it and call it a fish!" Well creative employee with some ridiculous ideas--- it' didn't work!  Our kidlets are too smart for that sort of silliness.  Not one left its' basket.  
I think this one is happy to see me.  
This one looks like he has the same disease that Michael Jackson had.  
Oh, the glow in the dark ball.  But not, since it didn't even glow in the dark.  I don't get it.
That one sold one.  
Side view... think it's a dinosaur? Wait for it....
It's a Prince impersonator!
Sold a lot of this one.  Sold three.  Three pigs sold.  Technically, it was our "high seller."  
The other "P.P." tried to pass this off as a special ring/paint brush.  Fail.  Whomp, Whomp!
And so, it was time to leave.  And look what I find in the school parking lot!

DUCKS!  Okay, fine- geese!  But so cute!  I texted my other P.P. and asked her if we could sell them since they were so cute.  She never responded.  I think she is having withdrawals.  For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating.   Then I realized--- this is a gift from our Ducks.   Here's your sign!  Till' we meet again my fine feathered/plastic ducks!  

PS  The opinions in this blog are solely that of a person who misses her ducks.  The Liberty PTA works incredibly hard to raise funds throughout the year in fun and innovative ways.  I am truly hopeful that this sales venture is successful, as my migits love the playground, and any additions would be welcomed.  PTA is a completely volunteer and thankless job.  As a mom who helps, but stays completely out of the behind the scenes work, I can only say that I appreciate our PTA officers, and what they do for our children, all year long.

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