Aug 12, 2013

The blog in which my family is losing teeth and sanity.

I was just going to floss his teeth, pray with them, and then, it was going to be lights out.  It was 7:15 p.m., and tomorrow starts our second week of school.  Need to get back to bedtimes, ya' know?  Well, it was a good plan.  And you know, it never happened.  Here's actually what took place.
He did pull it himself, but it was about 25 minutes of terror for his little sister.   Turns out, my forcing the migits to sit with me as I donated blood (multiple times), did nothing to ease the fear of blood.  I have failed her.  
Flossed Shay's teeth.  Flossed Charlie's teeth.  Oh wait.  A VERY loose top tooth!  How exciting.  So, I wiggle, and he begs me to pull it.  (I am kinda' famous for my teeth pulling around these here parts.)  However, Geoff has gotten jealous the last few months that I get all the fun, so he asked Charlie if he could pull it.  Chaz agreed to let him work on it.  Geoff is not as aggressive as I can be, yet, Chaz was telling him to pull harder, that it didn't hurt.  (Remember sensory integration dysfunction sometimes works to our advantage---- he doesn't feel pain like we do.)  So, Charlie was once again in my face, with my fingers tugging away.  I took a break, and let him work on it, and there was an audible cracking sound.  He opened his big smile, and the blood was down his chin.  At which point, the whole story takes on a new twist.

Shay ushers him into the bathroom, insists on wiping the blood off his face, then freaks.  I mean, for like the next 10 minutes, until the the tooth finally comes out, this chick screamed and cried because she was afraid of what he looked like.  By the way, the dentist told us last month that these top two teeth would be out any day since they had no root left.  The fact that it was so loose was a relief.  His adult teeth generally come in prior to him loosing his baby teeth, and at that point, the roots lock, and they have to be pulled by the dentist.  (First two teeth and now, a third on the bottom is doing this as well.) I pulled his third baby tooth, and he loved it.  I really thought that he would enjoy pulling out his own tooth.  So, Geoff has to take Shay into her room to try to calm her down.  She is inconsolable.  Then, she comes to me and I just had to video the crazy that is my life.  I put the camera down so that I didn't have it in her face, but you can hear it.  It went from bad to worse, and finally, I just told Chaz we had to get it out to end her freaking out.  I pulled it almost all the way out, and then, asked him to pull it.  He did it.  Again, he was bleeding, and screaming with excitement.  She, screaming in her bed, snuggling with Geoff.

We walk in and tell them the news, and again, she is brought to new heights of freakish.  Then, I offer to pray, and we all pray together, but she can not even look his direction.  I told him to turn away from her or cover his mouth so that she didn't have to see it.  I asked if she would be okay to look at him in the morning.  She said, "I don't think so!"  (More screaming/crying, more laughter from me.)  She is on her knees, next to me, with her face buried in my side.  Then, after we pray, I try to mouth to Charlie to tell her that he loves her.  I hug her, and then turn to look at him, and he puts his hand over his mouth and in a muffled voice, says, "I wuff you."  It made me laugh 'till I peed.

This video is where he actually pulls it out and you get to hear my lack of parenting abilities during this very exciting and frightening time for both of my migits.

She heads to bed, and I snuggle with Chaz.  Now, it is 8:05 p.m., and I tell him that it is late, and the Tooth Fairy can not come if he is still awake, and I had to go to sleep.  I come into our bedroom, see that he left some things in my room, and walk them back into his room.  He is huddled on the opposite end of his bed. I ask what is wrong.

Are you ready for this?  He tells me that he is afraid of the Tooth Fairy.  FML.

Here is the video of where we bargain on how much money the Tooth Fairy might pay for this tooth.

We get a lot of use out of the glitter hair spray from two Halloween's ago as fairy dust on dollar bills, and our Tooth Fairy door is ever in use with two children of tooth bearing age!

PS  This story is now in my top two favorite events from having two children.  The first one was that little story from when Shay was two, and Chaz was three.  Remember the fake sheep?  It's an oldie but a goodie... here's your link!

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