Jul 19, 2014

Adventures plays the lottery.

This is the sort of silliness that happens when I try to sell my house.  First, our friend and agent of Better Homes and Gardens, Stacy Benson, listed our home this past Thursday.  Twenty-four hours later, we had two showings and 2 investor offers, sight unseen.  (I listed on some free sites as "For Sale By Owner" without any success two weeks prior to signing up with Stacy.)  We gathered the dog and got in the car and sat in our neighbors driveway, down the street, for the first showing.  I was on my way down there again for the dinner-time showing when my next-door neighbor graciously offered for us to just stay with them.  After hearing all the good fortune we had with the potential sale of the home, and the freaking out I was doing over the fact that there were few homes available for us to consider in the price range we were looking at,  she suggested that she gift me three dollars to get two lottery tickets- one for Friday and one for Saturday.  She asked that I remember her in the moment of winning.  I found a dollar as I was heading into the store, and bought an extra dollar ticket for the drawing last night.  I kept the ticket that had the number three as it's "mega ball."  Three is my number.  I dropped the other two tickets off with her, and trust that she will "remember" me when "we" win.  Well, turned out, my three ticket WAS a winner.  And here is what happens…. 

To answer your question.. yes, I will continue working. I am certain my coworkers would miss me, but I would miss the work. (I mean, I truly do have the best job in the world. I am a wife and mother.) And I will keep my second job, because that is really fulfilling for me. Shay just woke up. I told her the news. She said, "You're kidding me. We are going to have to do it again." Well, yes, I was considering turning it in for another ticket. This time, we might make even more money. Like, say, two dollars.
I don't want to flaunt this, but I won the lottery last night. (I don't generally play, but I knew it was going to be a good dollar spent. I was really lucky yesterday.) And well, it paid off. I won- a dollar. Please, I tell you this to share in the joy, but I can not help you or buy you a new E.T. poster. I don't even think I can get you a New Kids on the Block poster. Maybe a garage sale wire hanger, but I can not guarantee it. We will not be doing interviews today, as the lottery office is closed until Monday. I did verify that. Thank you in advance for your multitude of congratulatory well wishes on our new life. (P.S.) I have to share half of my winnings with a neighbor, and she does not wish to be bothered by media or my crazy family. Yes, we have already had this discussion. It was the responsible thing to do. — with Kris Tuttle Groover.

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