Jul 10, 2014

Adventures is selling!

For sale, by owner, with help from a little blog.  Anyone interesting in buying our sweet home we renovated last year?  We are looking to move about 15 minutes from here, and need to sell our home first.  We have had it appraised, asking less than the appraisal price, and believe it is priced to sell.  Thank you for your interest and for sharing the listing!

This is a three bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage, privacy fenced in back yard, a short walk to one of the two neighborhood pools, tons of kids live on our street, sweet neighbors all around, and great schools!  (We homeschool now, but both kids were in the elementary school and I spent a ton of time volunteering there and loved the teachers, staff and the families we met while there for two years.)  A year ago we had the downstairs renovated, and installed speakers into the walls and had a special built in for a flat screen T.V. installed, over the gas log fireplace.

The garden now has a very well established fig bush and 3 large, fruitful blueberry bushes that provide lots of fun for the kids to pick, and for some interesting bird watching in the summer.

Here is a link to the free listing I was able to make on Zillow.


 Doing our best to accept that G-d's timing for our heart's desire might be lined up now, and not spending much money to see if we can sell it.  If it is meant to be (for us to have a small home with a basement, in the area we would like to settle into) then it will just happen.

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