Sep 3, 2013

The blog in which we can't start yet.

We haven't started home school yet, but I decided that will start the moment the declaration of intent is live, on the department of education's website.  Currently, it is down, and no date for when it will be resolved ;o(  However, I will start informally with our curriculum, tomorrow, just to ease into the routine, after school, with an abridged lessons.  Today, however, I was dealing with weird aftermath of our announcement to chose this educational path for our children.

First, I have to say- there was one person that was placed in my day- especially from Him.  I rarely see this person, and the words she shared were supportive, suggestive, and full of understanding.  She has a special needs child, and gets "it."  Those that have added their "two cents," and been adamant about their suggestions, have done so, from a stand point of one that has not traveled our road.  And beyond that, I truly believe that even if they are home school families, they do it differently than I do, (remember- I have already done the home school family once before) or, based on their own insecurities or pride, made suggestions that would be better fed to a mother that goes into this journey a little more dreamy and romantic thinking than I am.

The only upside to this style of education for me is more time with my children, and no more alarm clocks.  The down side?  I have way more downs, but they still don't out weigh the fact that I have a child that is not thriving in the education setting that has been provided him, and I need to make changes in order that he might one day reach his full potential.  I do believe I can get him on track, and I will.  Yes, I know all the laws, the regulations, the threat of DFACS, etc.  I am not afraid.  If I made my decisions based on fear, I would have a child that was spinning in circles and taking a Matchbox car to rub along his body for hours on end.  Yes, I took bold steps and made changes to my son, and I will do it again, with His help.

I would love the help of my family and friends in the form of support, and respect for my decision.  At this point, Charlie and Shayna are thrilled about the change.  Shay is thrilled because she remembers what it was like.  Charlie is thrilled because he is excited about whatever Shay gets excited about ;o)  Maybe ask the children about what they are learning, or what they are looking forward to in their new setting.

I have gotten numerous texts from friends that have made me feel so good.  The best one was from a mom who works with the PTA.  She didn't question me, or make any suggestions.  She just wanted me to know that she would miss me and wished us well.  That really made my day yesterday.  It's the littlest things that show you respect me and my decisions.  If you only knew how hard it is to raise a child with special needs, no matter how mild they appear.  You just never know.  I hope I show more respect for those around me than has been shown for me in recent days.

Again, seeking advice, if you think you might be able to truly help, as I need help with the Katie Beckett waiver.  I will begin that process in next week or two, and I heard there is someone I could pay $500 to do everything for me.  I might try to attend the FOCUS class on that, but it is far.  Anyone know of a closer class, or experience with it?  I truly believe that if I took him, he would be diagnosed with auditory processing dysfunction.   That is what has me stuck.  The therapy is out of our reach, financially.  That just might be the key to his academic success. Would be nice for him to be able to recite the alphabet, days of the week, months, etc.  Would be nice to have him process concepts, even words.  Would be nice to not have to use sign language to communicate words that his brain can not word recall.   Would be nice if someone had advice for this stuff ;o)  


  1. Erin. Call KS if u like. See facebook mess. For #:)

  2. Invaluable. Thank you so much. These days will all seem so trivial to me in a year, I just know it. I have found an amazing net of people to navigate these uncharted waters with. Thank you.