Sep 5, 2013

The blog in which I fully understand my role(s).

I have successfully come up with a way to put off my morning YMCA visit.  A blog!  However, I see it as a service announcement to anyone that might consider the process of home schooling.  The most important concept to understand is that as a home school, you have the responsibility to act as a regular school.  So, my roles range from principal to teacher, and everything in between.  Luckily, I have had excellent role models to guide my positions.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Principal-  While I am no Dr. Holmes, Liberty Elementary School's principal extraordinaire, I will take a page from her book, and greet my students each morning.  Dr. Holmes actually walks into each and every classroom, EVERY single morning and says "Good Morning!".  Best part of that experience is the chorus of children saying "Good Morning Dr. Holmes!," in unison.  (Think the scene where the children say "good night" as they are leaving the party in "The Sound of Music.") If you are not familiar with the size of Liberty E.S., I will begin by saying that there are over one thousand students that attend the school, and that makes for a lengthy walk-through each day.

I recently emailed a personal request to Dr. Holmes, and I got a response, within about an hour, before the end of the school day.  I hope that I am able to respond as quickly to the needs and requests of my students and their family.

Front office staff- I will taking on the roll of front office.  Our front office works with a smile on their face, and acts as a liaison between the family and the teacher.  I will do my best to notify the teacher of any changes or concerns the family has.  If the family (the children) are not happy or request changes, (such as more recess or 18 snack times) I will try to let the teacher know and allow her to communicate with the family (the students) as soon as she has a planning period.

Janitorial staff-  This one is the easiest rolls for me to tackle.  I became a professional janitor the day I left my parent's home.  I have even learned how to subcontract. (The children know how to dust bust the hardwood stairs, clean their sink with natural cleaner, and can vacuum upstairs--- but not leave the pretty OCD vacuum lines I desire.  Give me time.  They can be taught.)

Cafeteria workers-  I enjoy this roll.  However, I am putting my foot down- no hair nets.  And when the little chef's are working on home ec. and math skills in the kitchen, there will be no nets or gloves for them, either.  Just don't send in the health inspector, and we should be able to service this side of our school.

PE Coach- I think I actually do this too well.  Charlie's gymnastics coach will tell you that I am looking through the glass at his class and coaching him through the window.  I will try to let the professionals carry on and only play coach while we are at the YMCA or learning to ride a bike next week.  (Shay is going to learn and I will be there to teach her.)

Art instructor-  This might be difficult.  While I am not educated to learn about age appropriate art skills to teach, I will consult an artist to determine what activities must be shown at certain ages.  (My artist will be a search online.  I might not make the grade in the art dept.  I promise to make it up in other electives!)

Counseling-  I am not sure exactly what is done in counseling at school, seeing as that was not something they did when I was in elementary school in the early 1980's, however, I had a rough day yesterday and found a form of group counseling that might work.  It's called "Gather a group of two or more with Pinnacle Whipped and pineapple juice and talk about your feelings."  That has got to be pretty close to the course description in the public school system, right?  For the record, we didn't actually gather, but we did discuss that as a viable option.

Teacher-  This will be the most natural of positions for me to undertake.  While it isn't without its' challenges, as ANY teacher will admit too, it is what I am called to do.  I will do it like all the other teacher's do it- low pay, little understanding for what it takes to do it well, love for the needs of the child, and with a servant's heart.  There will be days that I fail to succeed, and more often than not, days  we succeed to NOT fail.

On behalf of the faculty and staff  of the Ahrens Academy, I proudly proclaim the commencement of the school year beginning September 6, 2013 through May 30, 2014.

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