May 29, 2012

Why do I not think koalas are attractive?

Woof.  A face only a mother could.. look at.  I really don't think koalas are cute.  Not even the babies.  None of them.  This from a mother who saw her baby girl migit for the first time after her birth and when the midwife tried to tell me she was beautiful, I told her that was kind, but that she was wrong.  Luckily for me, the midwife is the wife to one of my old coworkers at the urgent care center I worked at during the time of my "friskier" days.  That is in reference to my birthing/milking years.  Yeah, I've moved on.

So, back to these, G-d love them, ugly koalas...  So, they have started to become the new adorable "it" animal.  The owl just recently had it's time in the spotlight, and now, I am seeing koalas all over Pinterest, and that, to me, is like the People magazine for the new "it" animal trend.  I guess some people might appreciate them, but not me.  I like elephants.  But those are sort of not so attractive.  It's the family bonds that elephants are famous for that I appreciate them and relate to.  In fact, I think elephant skin and a certain old man body part resemble each other all too closely, but that's for another time.

Here's what I am getting at.  (I know you were waiting for it.)  Oh wait.  I think I forgot.  Darn, I wish I had the memory of an...  See?  I think the elephant should be the new "it" thing.  It could even double as the alzheimers' mascot.  Or not.

If you like koalas, you are entitled.  You probably thought your babies were beautiful the moment they entered the world too, right?  Look back at those first pictures.  You will understand what I am saying.  True Story.  EA

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